The Celtics beat the Bulls 104-95

Celtics away to 104-95 victory over the Bulls, the big score at 2-2. Isaiah Thomas regains brave state, scored 33 points and seven assists, Gerrard – Green 18 points and seven rebounds, Al – Horford 15 points and 12 rebounds, Jay – Claude 11 points, Ivor – Bradley had only eight points. The Bulls lost two consecutive home, finally got the advantage of naught. Jimmy Butler scored 33 points, nine assists and five rebounds, Dwyane Wade 11 points and six rebounds, Isiah-Cannan and Nicola-Mirotti each scored 13 points. After losing two home games, the Celtics found the feeling on the road. On a 104-87 victory, their confidence has been restored(click nba live mobile coins).

The bulls are in trouble. Rajon – Rondo on a missed, and indefinite truce, comeback no period. After his absence, Michael – Carter – Williams and Jerry – Grant and the performance of flat, and headed by Butler 21 vote only 7. Although Wade can play, but less long, for them or a fatal blow. The Celtics have to seize this opportunity. For them, today is still the battle of life and death, if the 1-3 back to the home, at any time may be eliminated.

Thomas had just 16 points, far below the average season. Today, he felt recovery, the first section of 10 points into the book. The Celtics started with a wave of 14-4. Bulls hit only half of the first half after the first two goals, after the first section, they are 18-30 behind. Green in the second quarter began to hit three points, the Celtics continue to expand the advantages. This section hit less than 3 minutes, the Celtics hit three in mind three to 41-21 lead by 20 points. Bulls have to fight back, but this section failed to narrow the gap to single digits. At halftime, the Celtics took advantage of 57-46. Less Longduo, the bulls less an important organizer. Nevertheless, they still play very tenacious, the third quarter was overtake. This section there are 4 minutes and 35 seconds, Lopez break after hook hit, the Bulls to complete a wave of 12-0 after the attack wave to 65-63 beyond. But the Bulls only lead for 15 seconds, Thomas then break layup, the Celtics also to 12-0 attack wave to 75-65 again double-digit advantage. Thomas scored 10 points in this wave of attacks, but also assists once. Driven by Thomas, the Celtics regain control of the situation with 79-70 ending the first three quarters.

Bulls in the fourth quarter to narrow the gap to 5 points, but also to come forward Thomas, he scored five points in 38 seconds, the Celtics to 86-76 stabilized. Celtics began to control the rhythm, the game there are 2 minutes and 32 seconds, Horford shot is not, but they grabbed offensive rebounds, Thomas once again attack, forced to break the shooting. In the next round, Thomas caused the offensive foul, so that the bull had hit the ball invalid. Thomas sent assists, the Celtics to 101-88 to maintain the advantage. Bulls unable to narrow the gap to less than 9 points, once again home defeat. This series of races became 2-2, both sides have not won at home. The next is the battle of King Mountain, the Celtics back home.Source: