The Clippers hit the Mavericks at the top four

Clippers at home to 112-101 repel the Mavericks, continue to the west near the fourth. Clippers four straight. Three on the 20 points, Blake – Griffin 32 points and 6 assists, JJ – Reddick 25 points, Chris – Paul 22 points and 11 assists, De Andre – Jordan 11 points and 20 rebounds. Mavericks two straight. Harrison – Barnes 15 points, JJ-Barea 14 points, Yogi – Freer 14 points 6 assists, Wesley – Matthews 11 points 6 assists, veteran Dirk – Dirk Nowitzki 9 Minute(click my nba2k17 rp).

The top three places have been identified, the fourth will be between the Clippers and Jazz. Won the game, the Clippers behind the Jazz 0.5 field, still have the opportunity to overtake. The Clippers did not give the Mavericks any chance. Redick hit an opening on the third, and Griffin twice the basket succeeded, they start to 7-0, the audience lead. The first section of the middle section, the Clippers hit three consecutive three points to 22-6 pull the gap. The calf is also outside the color, the first section after the chase into the score 24-35.

The second section of the middle, Noel air relay dunks, calves will chase the score 38-46. But the inside is the Clippers of the world, Noel this performance is not much chance. Jordan and Griffin have also followed the color, while the outside also hit several times, the Clippers and 58-40 opened the gap. At halftime, the Mavericks were at a disadvantage of 49-62. The second half placid. The Mavericks once narrowed the gap to 6 points, but the Clippers launched a wave of attacks, the gap opened again. Section 3 and 3 minutes, Griffin continuous penalty 4 goals, the Clippers to 88-69 lead by 19 points. The last 3 minutes and 53 seconds in this section, the Clippers only one sports warfare, but still 90-73 end of the first three. The Clippers extended their advantage to 20 points after the start of the fourth quarter, but they only hit one goal for the next eight minutes. Mavericks launched a wave of 13-4, the score chase into 86-97. The Mavericks once narrowed the gap to 7 points, but this is already within their reach. Clippers several times also to color, re-obtain the advantage of double-digit, to seal the victory.source: