The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim Fo Sika task how to do the task to complete Raiders

eso gold Fo Sika task how to do? I believe a lot of players want to know the way to complete this task, then the next 497 Games for everyone to share the Raiders complete the task, we look at it.

The main task

First, tell us about the main tasks are the ancient door, welcome to Fo Sika, (when I play met in a cage is not out of question, you can use T to wait a bit on it) Greed Army warning Wo Furui, strength and wisdom

(This task, there are two routes, namely spoons spoon of strength and wisdom, spoons wisdom no BUG, ??is the key strength of the keys when the task cue marks in the wrong cave bear claw, do not worry about the problem see below

As shown in
buy eso gold the left-hand door behind the cask on the table (Note: This quote from FIG zht858, you have to complete the task, do not bother screenshot)

Power lost (the maps are huge, there is a dragon roar can take)

Fort Wu Luoke (no BUG, ??is the last step in the task Wu Luoke Fort always unlimited read, probably a little more time out of the enemy outside the reason, the guards heard Fo Sika relatively strong, we have to go out this time be careful)

Repay favors

Heart of the Gods (here will appear after a player went to the temple mountain fog on the task prompt does not move the issue, the old way with T wait on the line, as the landlord will wait for 6 to 7 hours)

These are the main quest, feeling a little anticlimactic, I also look like magic BOSS union finally charged with a task as invincible BUG Now, Nima, Long ran off directly.
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