The Lakers are not ready to make a deal

With the NBA trade deadline approaching constantly, Lakers general manager Mitch – Mitch Kupchak Lakers today represent less likely to have action(click buy 2K16 MT).

Library total reason is very simple, first of all, the Lakers will not trade Bryant [microblogging]; secondly, the Lakers want to keep their young core team, including: Russell Clarkson, Randall and Nance.

Although the Lakers can package deal Hibbert, Bath, LVMH, in any combination Nick – Young, Kelly and Thackeray [microblogging] these players, but the team is not clear whether there is interest in the player above.

Libraries always clear in an interview today, the Lakers in the remaining 27 games of the season, their first task is to assess the development of young players.

“From now on the end of the season to play, our main task is to ensure the continued development of young players, and play hard.” Library always stressed that “you want to see them in the face of adversity in a difficult season, and show mental toughness to overcome it, to show my best side. This will help us evaluate the needs of the team in the offseason. ”

Lakers coach Byron Scott said in an interview, the rest of the season, he will reduce Bryant’s playing time, while increasing young players playing time. Scott Russell also plans to make return to the starting lineup.

When asked Scott’s job to question, Kupchak refused to talk about.

“Byron is still the contract period.” He said, “Until this situation changes or if it is changed, we will let you know.”