The Leagues of FIFA 18 The Journey May have Leaked

Thanks to the FIFA(fifa coins buy) subreddit, we can now know specifically which international destinations we are booking flights for in FIFA 18’s The Journey single-player campaign. Final week, hints of future destinations have been found within the role of Twitter account, it seems at the least confirmed aspect of your leaked screenshots.

As Redditor Oskarek shared:

The (s+eemingly) confirmed circuits are Brazil, the English Premier League (Hunter’s default dwelling), USA, Germany, France, and Spain. Bundesliga, Ligue1 and La Liga have been hinted at previously as they’re the only circuits except for the Premier League on Alex Hunter’s Twitter account, making the US and Brazilian destinations new.

On the other hand, the preceding storytelling may well make the screenshot misleading. As Reddit pointed out, the trailer referred to the doable preseason tour within the Americas, allowing him to temporarily participate in the location (barring, certainly, a longer loan or perhaps a signing). This can be also the first confirmation on the Brazilian League, which is particularly represented by the national flag, instead of the Campeonato Brasileiro Sarie A logo itself.

Even so, when the screenshot is correct and is just not some wiseguy’s photoshopping, then this does undoubtedly guarantee the inclusion of Brazilian players in FIFA 18. This need to be a considerable selling point in itself.

As for the game itself: FIFA 18’s The Journey runs off of the Frostbite Engine developed by EA DICE. That is the same platform utilized with Mass Impact: Andromeda – even though, offered the notorious reputation from the game, it might be weaker and understand that this can be the engine utilized for Battlefield 4 and FIFA 17.

However, the Frostbite Engine can also be a resource hog, which can be why the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Switch FIFA 18 versions is not going to include things like The Journey. Having said that, in the case of Nintendo switches, built-in LAN playback on EA’s strategy to improve the general FIFA Ultimate Group network needs to be a selling point. But it is very important that the recently announced referee logic improvement is primarily based on Frostbite’s personal presentation error, which signifies it might not be implemented within the prior-generation versions in the game.

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