The new Tyrant confirmed once again join forces to sign Ronaldinho Eto’o


Antalya soil over newly promoted chairman root Wenzel sports team announced that the team has with the Brazilian star Ronaldinho to reach agreement on the treatment, within the next two days will be officially announced their joining.

Antalya sports teams, although the soil over newly promoted, but the club does not lose financially in any European Tyrant. Prior to this, the club and the former Barcelona striker Samuel Eto’o has been close to signing, and now the team has to get Ronaldinho, the two stars will once again join forces.

Ronaldinho recently with Mexican team Queretaro termination, he posted a video on also ins, confirmed that he will sign with the soil over the team. Video Ronaldinho said: “Hello everyone, I will soon go to Turkey!”

When Antalya Sports Club President root Wenzel accepted the Turkish media interview, said: “We have reached an agreement with Ronaldinho, I think there will be an official source within the next two days, in addition to Ronaldinho and Egypt. Tuoao, we also have an important signings, after the completion of our attack will make the world tremble! “