The world’s dirtiest team! Uruguay popular anger conflict Cavani attack referee


Chile was the host 0-1 lore, the last America’s Cup champion Uruguay bitter out, not only that, tonight Uruguay can be described as people lose and he lost – two red cards, plus besieged the referee, it is a collective conflict with the other players, Uruguayan football tonight called rough and violent scenes, this used to be outside comments as “dirty and violent,” the team, again was involved in the center of public opinion.

Let’s look rough scene took place within 90 minutes of time, as the second half of the race to the first 63 minutes when Cavani in line and without the ball players on 方智利 chin, the result was the referee produced the first two yellow cards sent off. If Cavani second yellow card eat some injustice, the other side there are performances component, then the big striker first yellow card of Paris is the undisputed stupidity: because of his dissatisfaction with the referee, very violence and fierce head linesman, the referee if it was in fact re-sentencing, then Cavani sent off the first half.

Cavani sent off while still a ton of bricks, furious with, roared toward the referee theory, but fortunately his teammates and another Chilean player discourage isolation, did not lead to further appease fate of horrors, but it Bit Uruguay’s front Pa “atrocities”, is likely to suffer additional penalties.

But things are far from here to the end of 88 minutes, another conflict broke out, and the perpetrator is the player Uruguay. Uruguay was the 4th backs Rich Seeley at defensive tackle on the sideline near the Chilean team Sanchez breaking ball, which then fell to the ground suffering. The rich Xilai and therefore eat a second yellow card and was sent off the referee red card. However, the red card also annoyed the Uruguayan player completely, first perpetrators Rich Seeley fly rushed to violent protests in front of the referee, then headed to Ximenes Uruguay teammates also joined the public discontent, protests and besieged the referee’s camp, on the Even coach Tabarez also involved in the army to denounce the referee, he and the other fierce confrontation scene, a scene is very chaotic time.

Dramatic ending, the game in the confusion to an abrupt end, and for Uruguay, they lose far more than just a game, because there are excesses in the game, including coach Tabarez, Benni Cavani and several players, including fullback Rich Seeley, are likely to receive additional punishment of the organizing committee. You know, the team’s first card star Suarez is still a long ban, the campaign did not only smooth Uruguay reached the semi-finals, Suarez much help wash a few game suspension, but take into account a Cavani, even coach Dangerous Tabarez has been suspended …… Just imagine, no more Suarez and Cavani these two front of God, based on how Uruguay South American World Cup qualifiers next?

All along, the barbaric and brutal been synonymous with Uruguayan football, “In the world of football, Uruguay has been a hard nut to crack root. They play dirty. I still remember when 02 World Cup, Henry is because they can not stand each other’s aggressive style of play and violence, which led to revenge the other sent off. “French legend Robert Pires had been so sharply Reviews Uruguay football. 1986 World Cup, Uruguay players Batista sent off the opening 1 minute, creating a record in the history of the fastest red card, from that moment, Uruguayan football was European media have called “football garbage.”

Let me say in recent years, the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Lord Elohim harvested red card of the World Cup debut in the tournament, the Uruguay team harvested a total of 8 yellow 2 red, is eating up the licensing team. Brazil 2014 World Cup, is the emergence of other players Suarez biting Chiellini absurd scene become a joke.