Thompson set a small target for the Warriors

Warriors All-Star shooting guard Clay Thompson threatened to win all the rest of the regular season games, and strive to get the first place in the west. We want to get the first place in the west. “Soup God said in an interview today,” We are clearly watching the performance of the Houston Rockets, but if we are best points within the matter, we can control their own destiny. ”

Today, the Warriors home game with the Nets before the Warriors record is 49 wins and 14 losses, temporarily out of the western second, less than the first rocket 0.5 win.
Although Rockets and Warriors in the first battle of the West is fierce, but Cole coach Cole in a recent interview made it clear that maintaining the health of the Warriors before the start of the playoffs the primary task. But at the same time, the Warriors next schedule is relatively easier. “I believe the coaches can get the players on holiday, but we’re trying to get 82-0,” Soulson said. “It’s really hard. But if I play a game, I’ll try to win.”

As a basketball player, Yumin made it clear that his mentality for the Warriors’ remaining 19 regular-season games was to win every single one. “You tried to win every game you played,” he said. “It does not matter if we’re on the turn or not. Given the talent of this team, we have the chance to win every game. “The Warriors are currently in their five-game winning streak, and if they really do 19 games after the Wings have been won, they’ll have the third-best single-game winning streak in NBA history – 24 in a row. source: