Thunder coach Anti-point shot is the key defender who need to put pressure on the ball

October 16 reported: ESPN news before last season, before the Thunder has 2 consecutive league in defensive efficiency last season 5, but because of injuries last season, their defense level decreased significantly. After the All-Star break, the Thunder losing an average of 100 rounds of 107 points, ranking in the 30 team league, only the first 27, only stronger
2k 16 coins than the Timberwolves, Kings, Lakers. The former All-Star break, they are losing an average of 100 rounds 101 points, ranking 10th in the league, is still very good. Now, the Thunder coach
buy mt nba 2k16 Donovan also stressed defense, and his focus is clear, it is to limit the opponent’s outside shooting. In the past, the Thunder prefer to rely on defensive big man to build a defensive system, such as Perkins, Ibaka, Collison, so that when they go to fiercely defend the pick and roll against the opponent in front of the ball handler.

Now, a group of young Thunder inside will get more playing time, such as Adams, Alicante, Maige Lei, the Thunder will recover some of the past practices, to rely mainly on guard to exert pressure on the ball defender who has to pick and roll ball side to focus attention. ‘Guard who hate to do this, for us, it is no better,’ Adams said, ‘We retreat back, and strive to various anti-good shot.’ ‘Now the big players came a bit withdrawn, so we have to up people to put pressure on the ball, you want to pick and roll around with a good man, ‘Robertson expressed. Limit the opponent’s outside shooting is one defensive link in the preseason game against Dallas, the Mavericks only 22 three-pointers in 4 performance, shooting only 18.2%, but this is not the coach Donovan happy figures.

For me, the focus is not the hit rate concerns me,’ Donovan said, ‘My concern is the number of shots, because you let the opponents voted more, then enter or not into all let you in a passive position. Even if not into, once the ball pop up in the air, all are also difficult to control. ‘Last season, the Thunder allowed the presence of both the number 27 ranked opponents shoot threes, the average per game They opened fire on the outside opponents 24.2 times, while opponents hit rate on three-point they have done well, with 34.3 percent ranked 10th. In addition, the Thunder now have some injury problems, such as Alicante right ankle sprain, but Donovan said it does not matter. ‘Not bad,’ more handsome said, ‘before I had sprained also, not so bad.’ Kantor did not participate in training yesterday, Donovan said it could play tomorrow and Alicante Memphis not to say.