Thunder General Manager Durant became a free agent will not make us distracted

According to NBA China official website news, Oklahoma City Thunder general manager Sam – Presti accepted Bostonglobe website reporter Gary Washburn interview, asked about the case of the new season, the Thunder have not because the players return to health as well as new coach The arrival has improved over last season. ‘We are eager to create a good and stable team,’ Presti said. ‘In order to maintain our success and ideals, in
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Our players play together for many years, are now restored to health, coupled with the team ushered in a new coach, we are about to enter an important season. The new element (rookie) helps optimize the age structure of the players, but also to help the team to consolidate existing Some team culture we now are a very organized team, everyone is excited about the current situation, while optimistic for the future. ‘Kevin – Durant become a free agent in the summer of next year, Price Di asked whether the next season will therefore become extraordinarily critical.

We will focus on the moment, and not be distracted by things beyond our control we have to ensure that all will all focus
nba mt points on the upcoming season every season to close. important, we should pour all our energy. The next season we will be treated the same over the past few seasons we have been implementing this concept, so our players in all cases able to maintain a very disciplined. ” I really The results from the players think we have the ability to work under pressure, while focusing on the quality of work, rather than too much focus on the past and the future. If we adhere to this philosophy, I believe we will seize the opportunity to build one of their thunder team symbol, and be able to withstand the test of time. ‘