“Tiger” Woods and ski queen ending three years of love

Woods and Vaughn, A is golf’s world star, one is the Winter Olympics Alpine skiing champion, they had a pair Shenxianjuanlv. However, after three years of love, both said it would end a relationship.

Vaughan on his FACEBOOK said: “together nearly three years, Woods and I have decided to end our relationship I will always cherish the memory of us, unfortunately, we have a lot of each. thing, which makes most of the time we are not able to together.

Woods on his official website also responded on the matter, he said:. “We jointly decided to end my great appreciation, respect and love her, I will always cherish our time together, unfortunately, our life is too busy, we have to work hard in their respective sport. want together is too difficult. ”

30-year-old Vaughan won the Turin Olympics downhill champion in 2010, was known as the “Winter Olympics first beauty.” This year she just created a new record, becoming the most to win the World Cup ski athletes.

In March 2013, the two announced a relationship. Thereafter two sports stars appear several times in public, they will go to watch the game and cheer each other.

Both sports career in 2013 to 2014 period were affected by injuries.