Transfer report – no ball can kick 23 champion united front PA + new Zidane

With the major leagues in Europe, the new season of the war has been lit. Despite many of the players in a free transfer to find a new team, but the teams recruiting expansion team, but still there are many members of the star is not kicked a ball in the state. Some of them have a hero twilight, some people is once the genius, some people last season can still to contribute to the team on the biggest stage. But now, they are still waiting for the next career in the next contract.
Goalkeeper: Frey (35 years old)
Frey in Florence period is very good performance in, the performance is very good in Florence
Serie A is a lack of good goalkeeper, the French goalkeeper Frey is also known by many Serie A fans. At the age of 18 to inter Frey and not in the Nerazzurri. In 2001, he joined Parma, as Buffon’s replacement. In Parma, he became one of the best goalkeeper in Serie A, switch to Fiorentina and become Cesare Prandelli’s men to the exciting Fiorentina’s goalkeeper. Despite A Senna, Bayern and Paris and other teams in the professional life, but Frey ultimately did not throw a big club. After a cruciate ligament injury, Frey had to move to Turkey Bursa sports. But he did not play a game last season, in July this year, and the team has yet to terminate the agreement, home.
Hildebrand (Germany, 36), Robinson Paul (England, 35)
The main defender Emmanuel Eboue (32 years old):
Arsenal’s Emmanuel Eboue Arsenal’s Emmanuel Eboue during the period
In Arsenal for the number of years of the Ivory Coast Guard Eboue, because many of the very funny moments. The Ivory Coast striker in 2011 for the soil super giants Galatasaray, occupy the main position in the first two seasons. But in the past two years, he has played less and less, and after the expiration of this summer, the Ivory Coast has not received a new contract and has become a part of the ranks of the unemployed.