Twenty million annual salary? Then we talk about it(1)

College entrance examination tomorrow, of course, and I had just finished for the 27th birthday of the elderly, the college entrance examination Cannian word but retained in memory, and what kind of tensions are forgotten without a trace. Today, I want to be a return to the teacher, the analytical test to all the questions, the answer is simple, guess the letters below represent the quarterback on the line.

March 2013, A 28-year-old player who won the Super Bowl just led the team, and he is elected to the Super Bowl MVP, the team naturally offer a six-year one hundred million 20.6 million (29 million deposit) of the new contract. The average annual salary of over two million! A player could not eat a McDonald’s to celebrate.

April 2013, “the Great Satan” agent Tom – Kang Dong began to show dominance, he helped 33-year-old player B continued a six-year one hundred million on 108 million (55 million deposit) of the new contract. Although the player B’s age, as well as less than ideal performance five years ago, or even a playoff “soft egg”, the key moment of the “send steals machine”, but the frustration the team owner is a ball have to pretend to understand know the ball Tyrant brain damage, this new contract so it seems a matter of course.

By the end of April 2013, the country’s Northern Territory finally sit still, 5-year 110 million (54 million deposit) contract 29-year-old player C, the highest average salary in the league! But such a large contract renewal of the league’s future king, of course, is understandable.

July 2013, Kang Dong broker and shot his 25-year-old player’s D to 3 years 53 million (41.5 million bond) renewed success. Player D as the draft pick, but also the team 20 years to the most reliable quarterback, you can hardly blame much of this contract.

By the end of July 2013, or Hong Tung’s players, 28-year-old player E $ 201 5-year 3.75 million (42 million margin). Is a salary over two million! Considering he has just named to the Pro Bowl, passing yardage and touchdowns in a career-high number, led the team reached the final of the League of Nations, and the age is the golden age of the future will be the king of the league seems to be, the team simply can not refuse Kang Dong offer.