Twenty million annual salary? Then we talk about it(2)

Just enter the 2014, 31-year-old player F to 7-year one hundred million 26.7 million (54 million margin). The total amount of a record! Player F is a career but has yet to prove his fellow 2013 season regular season injured again and again, once again failed to lead the team to the playoffs once again lost in the eyes of the enemies of his own players C, but why the team was willing to Providing ho about? Maxima is really hard to find, also seems lackluster career before player A, but opened Tianmu can immediately led the team to win, coupled with the history of the club’s players never output F too elite quarterback, so the club F trace potential players who value remaining, or a bite of a stomping, ho about sent!

In June 2014, the National League team with good quarterback traditional powerhouse give them 26-year-old black guy players G signed six-year one hundred million 14 million (61 million bond), approximately twenty million annual salary black quarterback? ! Player G young and handsome, charming smile, the idol of the future of the Union, coupled with his coach relationship and rapport, and led the team to two consecutive National League reached the finals, so the team is necessary to give a high salary.

In August 2014, is higher than when the players pick a pick player G H also got a new contract, the 26-year-old player signed a six-year H 96 million (17 million bond), in fact, is a regular-season player H relaxing, to the playoffs into a soft foot shrimp guy, but on the other hand, his career three years ago led the team to the playoffs every year, this is not just who can complete the task, coupled with the players I of Age put in here, if opened Renduermo out? The annual salary of 16 million, is particularly low margin, much more flexibility between the teams and players H.

In November 2014, of the regular season in full swing, a National League team is experiencing the best start in 40 years, they give 35-year-old player I renew for three years 49.5 million (20.5 million bond), to sign a so young It looks awful contract to represent the team awards and recognition for their performance, but unfortunately, three days after a season-ending injury the players I would, but the contract has been signed, a done deal, the team must also think of teeth itch.