Twenty million annual salary? Then we talk about it(5)

5, the salary cap soaring
In NBA, for example, Michael – Michael Jordan had a salary of about 30 million, but the league only such a person, this is not called the salary cap soaring. Then Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, and even Rashard – Lewis also can get the $ 2 billion contract, called the salary cap increases. And now, Craig – Thompson and Gordon – Hayward these white pitcher can get an annual salary of about 15 million, which should be the real salary cap soaring.

NFL history through the development of nearly 20 years of Favre uncle, only in 1994 signed a five-year 19 million, seven-year 47.25 million in 1997. In 2001, he became the first player in the total wage bill of billions of dollars, but only 10 million in just one contract. Read his contract, and then look now, you will be able to understand what is the salary cap soaring.

“Locker room with a TV. Each quarterback, photoelectric costs tens of thousands of dollars a year would have a quarterback with a personal physician for each twenty-four child clinics, one word – you see the cold on spend million in 8000, with both a district teams are Manning and Brady this grade, you will use the Palmer case, you are embarrassed to greet people! You said quarterback right now, how much money to play a game? (I think get to be a million.) one million? That is the preseason, regular season, at least two million, you do not Xiangui, do not discount! You have to study general manager, general manager of their psychological contract, willing to pay two million annual salary and then pay an extra twenty million do not care, what is the success of the general manager, the general manager is to buy what success are expensive, do not buy the best, so We signed quarterback slogan is: not the best, but for the most expensive! ”

I this is in imitation of the “big names” Li Chengru fragments, but around 2000, when, at that time the eyes of Beijing’s housing prices neuropathy is three or four flat case, the result has come true after more than a decade, so ten years later, the future Quarterback really forty million annual salary, do not feel too strange.

No I do not understand is that the world is changing fast.

End, or out of a study questions so that we guess, the player M is selected champion pony show, players N is low overall pick. M young players was for everyone to see as the future superstar, but often is the Patriots beat in the playoffs, the players N handsome, handsome to seduce like someone else’s wife, but also to follow the great young team and a great coach to win the Super Bowl champion.

Of course, the two men are not Manning and Brady, but Andrew – Mubarak and Russell – Wilson, they were not just superstars and future enemies, but also the league has yet to get a contract renewal outstanding young people. Presumably they contract extension negotiations very simple and crude:

At least twenty million annual salary? That we can sit down and talk about life and the details of the problem.