Two ex-girlfriend to bring their children to visit Odom has worked with card Dai Shan bad relationship

Beijing October 16, Lamar – Lamar Odom still in Las Vegas hospital unconscious. And his two children, his mother and sister Lisa have traveled from New York rushed over to visit him. Odom’s eldest daughter Das Platini has been 17 years, the second son, 13-year-old Odom, Odom told they did not live together. And Lisa had still to fight child custody lawsuit with Odom, the
NBA 2K16 My Team Points two sides eventually feel happy. Odom with childhood sweetheart Lisa, though, but because of lost son in 2006, they separated and alienated. Wait until Odom with Kardashian married, their relationship is worsening – because Odom has been with Lisa did not want to get married, which makes her very distressed. Because Kardashian Odom has the right to inherit family property, Lisa from 2010 with him in court, hoping to get more for their children.

According to reports, the two sides had a few days would have to court, but now Odom was an accident, a lawsuit can be postponed. According to the ‘Daily Mail’ said Lisa came to New York this is the card Dai Shan arrangements made, although the relationship between the two of them have been bumps, but now the situation is urgent, but also attend once a contradiction . Odom’s daughter also has said publicly that she believes Odom and Kardashian’s marriage will not last long, ‘I do not care, anyway, I also have him.’ Das said Platini. Odom after understanding Kardashian month flash marriage,
nba mt points subsequently became involved in shooting Kardashian family reality show, also introduced two exclusive perfume brand. 2013, Odom drug scandal came to the end of Kardashian on divorce.

But Odom also reluctant to break up with her, and therefore delayed until June of this year really formalities, it has not yet entered into force. Odom after the accident, a Kardashian rushed to the hospital soon, Kardashian Odom stood by the bedside, or the identity of his wife to make medical decisions for him. Now she took the initiative to make Lisa a look Odom, but also for human, after all, Odom has not yet out of danger, may never wake up, but to his children at this time is necessary to meet with the father.