US Hockey League negotiations

American National Hockey League announced on the 4th, canceled two weeks before the 2014-15 season, 82 games. Currently, only a week away from the scheduled start date of the season, but still there is a huge controversy both parties, after several rounds of negotiations failed to reach a consensus.

“Decided to cancel the first two weeks of the race entirely employers unilaterally made.” Hockey League Players Association executive director Donald Fehr said, “If they really care about the league and the fans, they should be allowed to start the race on time and at the same time allow negotiations . ”

National Hockey League revenue of $ 3 billion a year into the contract expires in September, while employers require the players union to accept further wage adjustments. Both parties to begin negotiations on September 28, October 1 pause, the 2nd again to resume talks, but with the vice president on behalf of employers Hockey League Bill Daly’s words, “no progress.” Daly also said that for the time being has not scheduling a new round of negotiations.