Van der Vaart Bell and Messi C Ronaldo is not a level

Van der Vaart said he was surprised at the Bell before joining Real Madrid team-mate, saying Bell and C Ronaldo, Messi is not a level. Currently playing for Real Betis Van der Vaart who played for Tottenham, and Bell played together for two years. In the canal + interview, Van der Vaart said: ‘I never thought Bell will join Real Madrid C Ronaldo or Messi, unlike Bell, they are another level of player..’ Bell playing for Real Madrid in the 2013-14 season into 22 balls, including the key goals King’s Cup final and Champions League finals on bringing two trophies.

But last season, the 26-year-old player has been criticized, the performance is not satisfactory. This season he only scored two goals, has been plagued with injuries, and the relationship between C Lo has become the focus of media coverage. ‘He (Mourinho) told me that they would sign Ozil, I went to England would be the best choice.’ Van der Vaart came to the team in the second season, he and Bell together to help the
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click here told me, ‘You are not my number one choice,’ I’ve played for two years, and played an incredible achievement, so hear these things too strange. So I said, well, I better leave. So then I left. ‘(Black Cat director)