Van Gaal Secret Why sell Van Persie rhetoric: 2 years without a crown in respect of the class

According to the “Daily Mirror” reported that Manchester United coach Louis van Gaal in a recent interview talked about a lot of fans of the hot issues of concern, he explained the reasons to sell Van Persie, but he also hinted the future may contract with Manchester United.

When asked about the problem of Robin van Persie, Van Gaal called the seller’s decision is purely consideration the interests of the team, unrelated individual emotional factors, he said: “People say that Van Persie is my favorite player, I covered him. Yes, maybe I did. But after the season, you have to weigh what players do to fight four more contributions, which does very little, which contribute nothing, then we must decide on the future decide to fact-based performance, and other factors unrelated. We also consider striker of choice, our choice is Rooney last season, people were saying that Rooney is a striker, but now that you asked, but Robin van Persie coming? ”

Van Gundy also respect the new season at the forward position will be more rely on Rooney play, he said: “Rooney said he was at least able to carry 25 goals last season, Rooney is the team’s top scorer, scored just 12 goals, Van Persie into the 10 ball, so when I say I need to enter a 25 ball striker, Wayne Rooney, I think the better choice (if Rooney injury) we have Jianuzhayi and small peas, or I’ll buy a striker, I have to evaluate how things are going. See the Gunuzhayi, small peas or Wilson’s performance, Pres can also play power forward, these factors are to be considered. ”

Van Gundy also hinted may contract with Manchester United, but he also admitted that if the next two years can not get the title, then himself in relation to class, he said: “You never know what will happen next, you can never say, ‘I quit ‘. My wife and I said, maybe we will contract with Manchester United, I was 55 years old and my wife said I want to retire, but I’m still coaching, I have 64 in two weeks years old “and was a reporter asked if the next two years still without crown will continue to question whether Van Gaal bluntly said:.”. If so, I would feel very sorry when I think Manchester United should fire me. “