Vic half back injury, Jones help the Steelers win

Michael Vick (Michael Vick) in this week’s game with the Arizona Cardinals hamstring injury ahead of departure. Vic starting debut, more than half of the time, a total of only six yards passing. After Vic departure, Steelers quarterback Landry III – Jones (Landry Jones) performance quite satisfactory. In his leadership of the attack, helped Mata Davis – Bryant (Martavis Bryant) to complete touchdowns, with the Steelers touchdowns reversed the score 12-10.

Jones in a limited time, completed 12 passes 10 times, advancing 168 yards, while steals twice. In losing this – after Ross Ellis Berg (Ben Roethlisberger), Steelers offensive has been suffering from struggling. Team on the one hand want to Ross Ellis Berg can return as soon as possible, one must also
cheap mut 16 coins consider whether Jones should replace Vick became the starter.