View: C Ronaldo is the real problem of Real Madrid need to change when he needs to score

C Ronaldo’s self consciousness has exceeded his influence – he is the real problem of Real Madrid, not Baer.
For Baer, this is an important season. But after the first round of the new season in Real Madrid, I am sympathetic to Baer. This summer, the outside world is filled with all kinds of statements about Baer, what he wants to move to the middle of the road to play 10, and he will get the right to freedom, etc..

C Ronaldo in the match against the Greek C lo in the game with the Greek

The first round game against newly promoted Ma Xihong athletics, because Benzema is injured, Baer is playing behind the striker Heresy. This is the first Spanish League led by Benitez in the real madrid. But this tactical layout is a problem, because C Luo still thinks he is the biggest star, every game is his birthday party.

C Ronaldo thinks he should get a gift, eat the cake, and win all the party games. If he is not the leading role, he will not go to celebrate, nor will it be fun. In fact, he was going to do it in the grass, and then let the other people feel uncomfortable.

Eventually, C Ronaldo played 90 minutes as one pleases. This means, Baer Hersey, Isko and all around him. In the final analysis, C Ronaldo’s self consciousness has surpassed his influence.

Don’t get me wrong, because I still think C Ronaldo is the top player in the world. But the problem is, under Benitez, Real Madrid can only rely on the whole play, C Luo do not always like this style of play.

At the beginning of the second half, Hesse was harmes replaced, Cristiano Ronaldo as a center, bell play as a midfielder, ISCO in right, Hames left home. This tactical system should be able to ensure the smooth flow of the offense, so that the four players can be fully played. Behind them is Modric and cross, how could they not do well?

Baer failed to score goals Baer failed to score

But the result is really not good: Real Madrid created a number of opportunities, but the ultimate opponent to curb, Benitez from the beginning of the season to feel the pressure.

Real Madrid’s real problem is that C Ronaldo, not Baer, is not Benitez, but C Ronaldo.
The race was 1 hours, and Baer won a free kick at the edge of the area. He was standing at the right side of the penalty spot, C Ronaldo on the left side. Bell came up kicker, the ball high over the bar, when you don’t even have to see Cristiano Ronaldo’s face will be able to imagine his contempt for any bell kicked a ball.

However, C Ronaldo himself only scored one goal last season. The game stoppage time, kick C Ronaldo kicked just hit the wall. 2014 / 15 season, Cristiano Ronaldo, scoring 17 a header, can be when the HA mace in the second half middle send accurate pass the ball in area C Luo actually missed scoring opportunities.

Benitez Jean Bell and C Ronaldo played the full game, but Real Madrid still can not achieve a breakthrough. Being substituted is Hersey and easco, they all give way to star. The final stage of the game, Cristiano Ronaldo after Bell’s pass forced goalkeeper to fight, but the two players are not break Jiangong, between each other nor any tacit understanding.
If this is a self – centered game, Baer is not an opponent of C Ronaldo. But it’s not important to win and win trophies. But in the 6 years of Real Madrid in C Ronaldo, he has won 1 league titles and 1 Champions League titles.
C Ronaldo is no doubt one of the best players in the history of the world, but he can make a contribution to a smooth running team. And this problem also affects Baer, because Baer has been in the shadow of C Ronaldo. In the C by Ronaldo, Baer and sometimes like to feel ashamed of one’s ungainly appearance play its own strength, let go.
Benitez must let C Ronaldo and Baer to cooperate, let them play the best level of two people, but at the same time can not produce contradictions with C Ronaldo. If Benitez can not do this, Baer in the situation of Real Madrid will fall into a passive. Baer’s first two seasons of the feat – Real Madrid, one of the best in the world, Baer has created a number of different history.

Benitez is a very difficult task and Benitez is very difficult

But with any of the top players, Baer wants more. And only in the coach to prevent the C Luo’s strong sense of self – Baer play a strong sense of self – obstruction, the latter may be more successful in real madrid. At the same time, Baer to become the backbone of Real Madrid, he also needs to pay more.

If Benitez is brave enough, he will be in Real Madrid need to score the C lo – I can’t wait to see that time C Lo’s face.
I wish you luck, Benitez, luck may be exactly what you need.