Vikings and security guard Sangde Huo renewed 4 years

Minnesota Vikings and is about to become a free agent security guard Andrew – Sang Dehuo (Andrew Sendejo) signed a new contract. NFL official website reporter Ian – Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the four-year contract worth $ 16 million according to people familiar with the message. Coach Mike – Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) earlier in the NFL body measurements bluntly expressed his hope that
Madden 16 Ultimate Team Coins the camp security guard to star Harrison – Smith (Harrison Smith) a better partner.

I think if Harrison – Smith a quality player and partner, we can make a greater impact manufacturing Harrison, Zimmer said at the time. I think if he had a suitable partner, he can make a greater contribution.Sang Dehuo starting 13 games last season, but poor performance. Rank 78 appearances he scored 786 files in 88 professional football players focused network. By comparison, Smith is the site ranked second security guard. Despite his performance last season and Zimmer forthright evaluation has shown that vitamin Vikings should be looking for better players, the average annual salary of $ 4 million contract is the starting level of contract security guard.

The contract table Mingsangdehuo should take advantage of the competition in the starting position and may indicate the Vikings will not chase the big security guard. Rapoport noted that the Vikings had a free agent with the Cincinnati Bengals safety guard George – linked Yiluo Ka (George Iloka), he will be a free agent market, the
cheap madden coins hottest one security guard. Over the past few seasons Sang Dehuo of injuries suffered enough under the bench in the team and is the core of the SWAT team. At least, if the Vikings can not be upgraded to the position in the free agent market, they can pick one in the draft.