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In the just-concluded second NBA China Games, the Hornets to a 113-71 victory over the Clippers score again, poor starting point guard Walker Hornets feel, the whole game he played 25 minutes, 9 vote 1 only got 7 points and 4
nba mt buy assists, but on the defensive and offensive aspects of the organization he is still a great contribution to the team. Walker on the game and on the bit Clippers guard jope old, so Walker played more relaxed, and the game, the Clippers star Paul Walker back and place, both in the offensive end or at Walker defensive end suffered a relatively large pressure.

Opening game, Walker first layup by Jordan cover small, poor offensive, Walker put his focus on the organization and the team aspect of the series, before he was replaced at the end of the first quarter, he assists Lin respectively, Jefferson and Lamb brush out three assists. Although his personal score of this data is still linked to zero, but at the same time before the place he and Lin demonstrated the high efficiency is still to continue, but the Hornets to 29-21 lead over the first section of the game. II competition, Paul began to force the offensive end, and when the position of Paul Walker was the more difficult, in this section, Paul Walker’s defense twice under dry pull jumper. Although Paul was the defense is not to force, but Walker remained on the court full of a competitor, in the defense of a Clippers team fast break, Walker as the team’s last defender struggling to jump steals but heavy She fell on the floor, which also caused the fans in the audience exclaimed.

The third quarter, the intensity of the pitch has been far beyond the scope of the preseason. Walker remained in constant fight with Paul, Paul’s defense of his more aggressive, almost refused to leave. And he also feels slightly warmer in this section, and finally got a goal warfare, in a fast break dropped into a three-pointers. In terms of organization, Walker and Jefferson, Zeller even pick and roll between Lin played very well, always pull for the team on the court shooting space, and when he left in the game in the third quarter 3 minutes 35 seconds to be replaced, the Hornets have been leading the Clippers for 18 points, while Walker’s own outcome value reached even higher than +15 +11 Jeremy Lin. Walker this game though poor shooting touch,
nba 2k16 my team but when he and partner Lin
NBA 2K16 My Team Points backcourt team on the offensive side still continues before high efficiency, which is one of the key factors in the game under the Hornets win, taking into account the field Lin game’s outstanding performance in the 2nd position, do not know whether the Hornets coach Clifford determined to make both at the same starting lineup as the team of a conventional choice.