Wang Yang: The reason women’s ice hockey in the country by the blitz

Female ice age, CCTV5 live from start

A place in the last ten seconds of the paradox lost the ball, extinguished the Chinese female ice shock World Championship Group A dream, but this has triggered concern continues to heat up the heat of ice hockey.

These days in the capital, women’s ice hockey is becoming a symbol of fashion communication. In the race to the Capital Gymnasium, people in the South Gate entrance waiting in a long team, there are scalpers selling tickets to go to the shuttle from time to time. Relative to sit in the VIP box, sponsor representatives and Li Yan and other sports legend, and teams printed on a branch NHL team jerseys King students, are looking for the signature of prey. And in the end of the game after the athletes channel, a World Championship Organizing Committee by a small group Reporters mainly from Beijing primary school, surrounded by members of the Chinese women ice.

I heard that you and your father has been living in a leaky house, this year it was a new house, back pain is no money to see a doctor, so what prompted you like hockey? Small as a young reporter asked players Lu Yue.

This problem is clearly well-prepared hit Lu Yue Rouran some parts as small as the head of her touch, “because of love, it will be a lifelong project worthy of your love.”

CCTV sports channel, served as the main force in this tournament coverage. They are professional and sophisticated production and promotion of events played a crucial role in warming. And after witnessing the CCTV5 the Chinese team battle for the fate of the Slovak team onto the 19:30 live link, China first Winter Olympics gold medalist Yang Yang sigh, a new era of “Chinese female ice, will start the live CCTV5 . “