Warriors swept the Thunder

Warriors on the road to 111-95 victory over the Thunder, complete the sweep. Warriors four straight, to maintain the league’s first position. Cray – Thompson three-pointers 5-for-7, scored 34 points and six rebounds, Stephen – Curry three-pointers 12-for-7, scored 23 points and six assists, Javier – McKee 10 points, Mond – Green had only 2 points, but grabbed 10 rebounds, assists 6 times. Thunder (40-30) five-game winning streak end, this season was swept. Russell – Westbrook scored 15 points, eight rebounds and seven assists, he only played the first three, 16 of 4 shots. Victor – Oradea 17 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists, Ennis – Canter 15 points and 10 rebounds. Kevin Durant injured, making the game the lack of some of the smell of gunpowder, but the two sides are still a great fire, in the field once the outbreak of conflict(click nba 2k17 mt).

After three encounters, the Thunder are defeated to the Warriors. Durant returned to the first time, but also with the Westbrook in the field of some language conflict, but still the warriors to win. Since the playoffs 3-1 last year after the warriors comeback, the Thunder and they forged a beam, plus Durant changed to warriors, but also make both sides enemies. Both sides are very hard after the opening defense, Westbrook flat performance, the Thunder is more passive. The first section there are 3 minutes and 33 seconds, Iguodala made two free throws, the Warriors to 23-18 lead, but then the Warriors had only 2 points, the Thunder also failed to seize the opportunity, after the first section to 22-25 behind. This section thunder three-pointers 6 vote total loss. Warriors in the second section to strengthen the attack, and Thunder hit rate fell again, the gap gradually widened. This section there are 3 minutes 49 seconds, Curry hit three points, West and Andre Iguodala after the basket succeeded, the Warriors scored 7 points to 52-33 opened the gap.

After the gap opened, the Thunder some anxious, this section there are 5.3 seconds, the two sides formed a jump ball. Criston on the library some small tricks, leading to the outbreak of the library, rushed to the hands. Westbrook and others came to the Rack, the field of 10 players are involved in them. Finally, Westbrook also catch a technical foul, the Thunder is worth the candle. Even worse, the library also hit a note of the buzzer three points, he went directly to the locker room, leaving 59-39 score. Thunder is obviously intended to pick things, but failed to harvest results. After the opening of the second half, the Thunder is still flat, the gap between the two teams growing. Curry and Thompson began to perform three times, the middle of this section, the two consecutive three in three points, the Warriors to 78-55 lead by 23 points. This section is 0.4 seconds, the library once again hit three points, the Warriors to 92-66 lead. Currie’s three-in-one was the last straw to crush the thunder, and the last one did not appear again, and Westbrook gave up resistance. The fourth quarter hit less than 4 minutes, the Warriors scored a hundred to 100-73 lead. Thunder 4 consecutive free throws are not, there are some uninterested. Four times this season have played against the tragically swept, coupled with the playoffs 3-1 was reversed, the Thunder is now no way to win the Warriors.source:http://www.nbamtcoins.com/