Wei missed three pairs of Thunder victory

Russell – Westbrook failed to play three pairs, but the Thunder on the road to 103-100 force Grizzlies. Thunder two straight, keep the sixth in the west. Westbrook only one rebounds to complete three pairs, the audience three-pointers 13 vote 8, contributed 45 points, 10 assists and 9 rebounds, he has five steals. Victor – Oradea 15 points, Ennis – Canter and Doug – Mike De Mott each scored 10 points. Grizzlies three-game losing streak, ranked seventh in the west, the first round against the Spurs. Mark – Gasol had 23 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists, Zach – Randolph 20 points and nine rebounds, Tony – Allen 14 points and seven rebounds, Andre – Harris 12 points(click buy mynba2k17 rp).

This game is related to the final ranking of both sides, but the fans are more interested in whether Westbrook can play three pairs. Eventually missed a rebound, failed to break Oscar – Robertson’s record. But the Thunder there are four games, breaking the record for Westbrook is not difficult this season, the two teams are the end of four encounters, Grizzlies 1 wins and 3 losses. Their ranking has been unable to rise, it will not decline, identified as the seventh in the west, the first round is likely to match the Spurs.

Westbrook Today’s teammates are not very strong, he had to strengthen their own attack. The first section of Westbrook had 9 points, the Thunder to 34-27 advantage. Grizzlies have a full Bo, after all, they do not want to play the first round of the Spurs. Although they were in the regular season with the Spurs into 2-2, but everyone knows the Spurs are not mess with the Lord. Section II Grizzlies on Westbrook restrictions more successful, only let him hit a ball, but let him get free throw 5 points. Grizzlies several times to narrow the gap, the first half to 50-57 behind. Westbrook in the third quarter of the fire full, this section three-pointers 5 vote 4, one scored 15 points. But his teammates add up to a total of only 7 points. Grizzlies in this section there are 3 minutes and 23 seconds when the score chase into 70-73, Westbrook then hit three consecutive points, the Thunder will be slightly opened gap. After three quarters, the Thunder to 79-74 lead. There are 2 minutes and 57 seconds when the game, Randolph shot, the Grizzlies to 93-92 beyond. Westbrook once again come forward, he first hit a record one-third, and then break the ball, Mike Democ also hit third.

Grizzlies again after the score into the 97-98, Westbrook shot, gave them the opportunity to overtake, but unfortunately Carter did not compete for 31 seconds, the Thunder grabbed a crucial offensive rebounds , Westbrook ball, 14 seconds in the game when the shot, hit the third again, the Thunder to 101-97 stabilized. Westbrook after stealing succeeded, forcing the Grizzlies on the ball without a player. Adams free throws, the Thunder still has the ball, but Gibson mistakes. Grizzlies get the last chance, Harrison is not in the third, grabbed the offensive rebounds, he shot again, this time hit the third.

Grizzlies will score 100-101, but only 0.8 seconds from the end of the game. Westbrook made two free throws, the game also ended.click nba live mobile coins