West devil away, Hengda the 11th sad place!

2015 AFC Champions League final first leg last season, Hengda away to the United Arab Emirates giants Al Ahly, the end of the 90 minutes match, Hengda 0-0 draw with Ahly, in two rounds of competition system, the road is also a draw for Hengda a good outcome, but the game, but because of injury and was replaced high lats, while Scolari revealed high lats injured ankle injury is not ideal, he played hard to think number 11 return leg. In fact, the West is indeed a strange road, in the 2012 AFC Champions League quarter-final first leg 2-4 away loss to rival Al Ittihad in the game, was the 11th Hengda Muric back injury and missed the second leg, Hengda with a total score 4-5 lost out.

September 20, 2012, the 2012 season to start the first leg of the AFC Champions League quarter-knockout focus in a duel, the Super League champions Guangzhou Hengda away to two AFC winner Saudi Al Ittihad team. The game Hengda two teams leading 4-2 but was eventually reversed, losing away and it does not matter, because back home, Hengda long as 2-0
FIFA 16 Crédits or 3-1 game to qualify, but this road Hengda trip but lost wife of another soldier, the game in the 29th minute, Al Ittihad of Harbi behind the uprooting of Muric, from the playback action point of view, this is too fierce tackles, injured Muric not light, the doctor admission treatment Houmuliqi run no longer insist on a moment. Muric Hengda brought the injured to the deadly impact, the team is also 2-4 away defeat.

The two sides came to the second leg Tianhe Stadium, although Hengda 2-1 victory over the opponent, but the total score 4-5 loss to rival regret out, the game, the first leg of Muric back injury and did not get the opportunity to play, because that is injuries, wound up the role of Hengda Muric is no or missing, lost him, Hengda will lose more than half of the attack force. This AFC finals tonight, the 11th Hengda has been replaced another Brazilian: High LVL, high lats in January 2015 from Cruzeiro move to the bigger, 15 million euros transfer fee, AFC Champions League 2015 season, high lats has eight goals ranked scorer of the first. The campaign, high lats is one of the most active players Hengda frontcourt, but also a game high lats to retire because of injury, the game the
FIFA 16 Crédits first 58 minutes, Hengda offensive to defuse Ahly after a corner from the high lats band ball forward, but this time, put the shovel the ball Hassan lateral damage, his action does not seem to tackle foul but extremely harmful force, resulting in high lats knee twisted Chongshuai.

High lats were wounded stretcher, through the emergency treatment of lats straight to the locker room, in the Chinese Super bench. Valencia two away games, although Hengda 11 different players have changed, but they are all undergoing the core, they can not escape injuries, because of their injuries are also strikingly similar, are to be shovel opponents The lead ball. Have to say, the devil away Valencia is very strange. Here, we can only pray comeback high lats able to catch the second leg of the final.