Westbrook cut three pairs of Thunder home clearance

Thunder home to 118-110 force to take pelicans. Thunder (34-25) three straight. Russell Westbrook played three pairs, contributed 41 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists, he failed to reach 9 times, almost “four pairs.” Ennis – Kant scored 20 points and nine rebounds, Stephen – Adams 13 points and 10 rebounds, Alex – Abrins 13 points. Pelican (23-37) three straight. Anthony Davis scored 38 points and seven rebounds(click nba 2k17 mt), “test god” De Marquus – Cousins ​​fight to 6 out of the game, scored 31 points and 10 rebounds, Etoyo – Moore 10 points , Zhu – Huo Le Di 6 points and 8 assists.

Pelicans for heavy trade, composed of super “twin towers”, is hoping to launch the impact in the second half to the playoffs. But backfire, pelican continuous defeat, Cousins ​​to the new owner has not yet taste the taste of victory. The face of the Thunder, “Twin Towers” to play well, but the same as the previous two, others failed to come forward to provide assistance. The first section is Davis’s performance time, he continued to vote in the hand, scored a single 22 points. In his lead, the pelican and the Thunder against the attack does not fall wind This section there are 1 minute 47 seconds, Davis made two free throws, pelican to 33-27 lead. Thunder will narrow the gap to 1 point, Davis at the end of this section pick the basket, the pelican to 35-32 lead. Cousins ​​first section did not shot, not a point, but the second round of his turn to perform. This section he continued in the cast and layup, the single also scored 19 points, and Davis did not shot this section. This section there are 57.4 seconds(click 2k17 mt), Cousins ​​even with a penalty to win 3 points, pelican to 59-57 lead. Thunder fined two goals, the two sides battle into 59-59.

“Twin Towers” failed to force at the same time, this is the pelican new trouble. The third quarter, the two sides still play hard to understand, this section there are 2 minutes and 11 seconds, Cousins ​​two free throws, the two sides battle into 82-82. Gibson breakthrough layup also to color, Thunder scored 4 points after the score beyond. After three quarters, the Thunder to 87-84 lead. “Twin Towers” Although powerful, but caught in a foul dilemma, after three, Cousins ​​foul 5 times, and Davis also has four fouls. The fourth quarter off the bench, the pelican once the score beyond, but Westbrook force, the middle of this section two times succeeded, Thunder to 105-95 double-digit advantage. “Twin Towers” after the return, gradually play the power, Davis twice tipped, and Cousins ​​assists, Moore hit the third, the pelican only 102-105 behind.

Pelicans once narrowed the gap to 1 point, but Westbrook angry, after the rush dunks succeeded, Cousins ​​came to fill the defense, the results were foul, was sent off. Westbrook with a penalty to win 3 points, the Thunder to 110-106 lead. Less a tower, Westbrook more calmly, continue to attack the basket, the game there are 57.9 seconds, he made two free throws, one scored 6 points, the Thunder to maintain the advantage of 8 points. Pelican shot in a row, lost the threat.