What harm Odom

Former US basketball star Lamar Odom in Nevada brothels continuous carnival on the 4th, was eventually found unconscious in the hotel, life-threatening. The latest news shows,
nba 2k mt Odom cardiac function has been failure, lives are at stake, it makes everyone feel as if tragedy will come at any time. Throughout Odom’s entire career, you will find that Odom is definitely a genius, but also because of various reasons genius to the ‘fallen.’ Reporter horse macro drug is never far from ruined his career both in the entertainment or sports circles, are repeated drug abuse.

In professional sports circles, many people because infected drug and drug addiction ruined career even death, staged scenes of ruin tragedy. Odom physician responsible for the treatment to check out, Odom has been taking cocaine and opium signs. He discovered in his lungs fluid, and cause effusion is the use of cocaine. In addition to body organs showed signs of drug use, the upper arm Odom have pinholes that he had injected drugs. Odom was young infected through drug, in 2001, was being played for the Clippers Odom, in eight months’ time twice for violating the league’s internal
nba 2k16 mt points provisions have been suspended for doping. In August 2012, his wife Kohler Kardashian’s stick treatment centers for treatment.

Eventually, Odom went to a drug rehabilitation center in San Diego. However, due to the time Kardashian has hired a private detective in drug treatment centers outside the guard around the clock to prevent Odom picking up and leaving, which makes Odom had a backlash. After a three-week, Odom was decided to leave. Since leaving the rehabilitation center Odom was really far away from the drugs, and during the 2012-2013 season, the Clippers still relatively stable performance. But when the end of the season, Odom addiction and committed. Odom now also tasted the consequences of the indiscriminate use of drugs, and now he is still hospitalized in Las Vegas, vital organs are in failure, it is still not out of danger.
nba mt points Death experience too many loved ones passed away and form a character and destiny of man and his childhood, growth and environment are closely linked.

Many black children are single-parent families, the so-called ‘poor and lowly misery,’ a lot of black players in their own parents are a very young age because of various reasons separated. Odom’s father when he was 6 years old when he ran away from home, leaving behind a mother and son; Odom was raised by a single mother, Cathy Mercer. 12 years old, standing by the bed looking at Odom’s mother suffering from colorectal cancer last breath, but they are powerless. As a child born in Queens, he had learned to let the tears flow out easily. So my mother died that night, he was at Lincoln Park basketball scene on the basket, cast a whole night. Allow water into the body sweat, his eyes would not rain; let arm soreness to pain, and my heart will not feel pain.