Wife who God tower fan pillow talk Ibrahimovic: love his wife but also want to have the Champions League

Regardless of AC Milan in the summer transfer market has invested much money, the fans most want to see or be able to return to San Siro Ibrahimovic. Italy various media have said Ibrahimovic also had the opportunity to return to Milan, Galliani though I said the transfer has been completed but it did not stop his work. According to the “Evening Post” news, his wife Helena Ibrahimovic might influence the choice of the pillow, she always wanted to go back to Milan life. Ibrahimovic himself seems to prefer to fight once again with the Paris Champions League.

Ibrahimovic’s transfer soap opera has been going on for a long time, and now it is certain that the “third party” Galatasaray have been kicked out. Turkish media reported that the club has with Zlatan Ibrahimovic and brokers were contacted, but the agent Layiaola immediately came forward to clarify the rumors, Galatasaray has no opportunity to participate. While Paris Saint-Germain in the main 席赫莱 fee to sign Di Maria at the same time did not forget to placate Ibrahimovic: “Ibrahimovic also one-year contract, he will be with us.”

In this case, Ibrahimovic’s personal wishes crucial. “Evening Post” reported that Ibrahim’s wife Helena always wanted to return to live in Milan, but Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a very respected man of his wife. Ibrahimovic’s career, he played around nonstop, played for five National League seven clubs, but also in Serie A three giants – Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan have made a brilliant exploits, once was evaluated as “too Ibrahimovic who was the league champion,” he is a real football prodigal son. Available wherever accompany him are Helena. While outsiders eye 里伊布 is unruly, grotesque synonymous, but know everything Helena Ibrahimovic, Ibrahimovic did not care his wife 11 years older than he, on the contrary, everyone knows that Ibrahimovic reliance on Helena. Both are from Malmö Rosen Gardner grew up in the slums of the child, it will attract each other and each other warm, transfer Ibrahimovic Juventus after he announced their affair: “I love the people only a, she is Helena, she was my first and last love. ”

Ibrahimovic Ibrahimovic good wife good wife Helena Helena

Thereafter, Helena quit her job to take care of Ibrahimovic and management as one family, from Turin to Milan to Barcelona and then to Paris, where she has been by his side Ibrahimovic, it is also has the support of Helena, Ibrahimovic only become more mature . Has entered the end of his career except Ibrahimovic competitive level, but also on family and life after retirement, Italian media speculation that he respected his wife may decide their own future in Helena gentle village.

But Ibrahimovic hearts must be very eager to touch the first European Champions League trophy, big Paris bought Di Maria let Ibrahimovic, there has been longing heart. Although he won the Champions League more than enough, but never to stand on the highest podium Champions League, the new season, the team Adds reinforcements, already 34 years old, he may be able to fight once again? Ibrahim today told French media interview, said: “I and Paris as well as one-year contract, the new season we have the ability to impact the Champions League!” After this expression of Ibrahimovic, I believe his wife will continue to support the Zlatan Ibrahimovic behind The idea, then set aside to Milan lives a year too late.