Winter sports into the campus power fiery Shen Winter Olympics Ice Hockey Junior

Capital Museum skating, skating coach whistles and shouts of children come and go, like skating on ice pupils are happy glide. Yesterday, more than 80 students from Beijing Normal University Experimental Primary School took part in winter sports here into campus activities, practical action to boost Beijing’s bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Experimental Primary School principal Wu Jianmin introduced the practice jointly organized by the school and the Beijing Century Star Skating Club, the “winter sports into the campus, real small power application Winter Olympics” as the theme. “Through the survey found that a quarter of our students have had the skating experience, our school also recently officially formed the first branch ice hockey team.” He said, snow sports help to strengthen the body and mind, teamwork, “hope Shen Winter Olympics opportunity to allow more students to participate in winter sports. ”

The event, pupils have been figure skating, ice hockey and other projects show. Rotate, jump, 8-year-old girl Ahn Sang Yi ice in a series of actions to show the difficulty of winning the sidelines cheering audience. “I practiced skating for 5 years, the group took the children and youth groups in Beijing skating champion it.” Small phase Lai said, his biggest dream is to become a future skaters, “I think my future is dry This trip, I have confidence! ”

Hockey court, a juvenile was being carried Ice Hockey busy parents in the stands could not cheer. 8-year-old boy high particularly like playing ice hockey, ice hockey team last week, where he had just won the Beijing Youth Hockey League U8 (8 years old) champion. “I remember 5 years old, I occasionally see someone playing ice hockey, what it liked.” small stature is not high, ambition is not small, “I want the future to the national team.” His father, Mr. Gao said particularly looking forward to a successful Winter Olympics Beijing Shen, “If the bid is successful, Beijing’s winter sports facilities will certainly be more perfect, the kids skating, playing hockey more opportunities.”