Wizards defeat the Bucks three straight pre-season harvest Bill Gortat 18 points 16 + 6

Washington Wizards continue winning streak in the preseason. Although Wall truce, but Bill had 18 points, Gortat had 16 points, Sessions sent out 11 assists to lead the team to attack more flowering, the Wizards in the fourth quarter last paragraph 8-0 spurt seal the victory, they are on the road to 105-101 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks. The Wizards made three consecutive
nba 2k16 mt points victories, the Bucks into a 0-3 record. Bill Wizards with 18 points and 3 assists, Gortat had 16 points and six rebounds, Neal scored 14 points, Porter had 13 points and three rebounds, Blair had 12 points and 14 rebounds, Sessions Adams had six points and 11 assists. Middleton Bucks scored 21 points, Copeland had 16 points and six rebounds, Monroe had 13 points, six rebounds and three steals,had 12 points, had 12 points and Henson 13 rebounds. Wizards of Wall truce. Bill after the start-thirds vote, he led the team to 7-2 lead. Middleton hit two jumpers, Potter hit 3 successful, Bill again in the third, the Wizards in the first section there are 3 minutes and 45 seconds to 19-12 lead seven minutes.

Middleton hit back three-pointers, Copland doing well off the bench, he scored 8 points in the first section there are 49.9 seconds when the Bucks to 27-21 go-ahead 6 points. Gooden hit a jumper, the Wizards at the end of the first section to 23-27 behind four points. Neal II began shortly after the third, Blair hit two jumpers, who led his unit wave of attacks hit 8-0, the Wizards to 35-33 lead two minutes. Bayless hit a jumper, respectively O’Barr and Neil attack succeeded, the Wizards lead again. After the two sides are fierce, the score alternating increase, Middleton hit a jumper at halftime Bucks to 55-60 behind. Wizards Gortat had 12 first half points and six rebounds, Blair had 10 points and 11 rebounds; Middleton Bucks scored 11 points, Henson had 10 points and nine rebounds, get Copland 8 points.

Middleton in the third quarter holding hand, he was not even two three-pointers,
nba mt points the Bucks to 65-64 go-ahead 1 minute. Sessions two break points, four free throws, the Bucks for 4 points advantage. Bill opened fire on the outside, he was not even two three-pointers, hit a jumper Gortat, third quarter and five minutes when the Wizards to 80-76 go-ahead 4 points. Since then the two sides each have a few minutes, the Wizards holding a narrow lead, Copland is a mind-pointers, three sections at the end of the Bucks to 88-90 behind two points. Henson scored a breakthrough start the fourth quarter, Neil led the team played 6-1 spurt, leading the Wizards to 96-91. Monroe trouble in the paint hit 3 successful, the Bucks Glenealy 8 points, the fourth quarter when there are 3 minutes 40 seconds to 99-96 overtake them 3 points. Johnson even with a fine cast to get 4 points, he led the team answered with a wave of attacks 8-0, the fourth quarter and 2 minutes 25 seconds to lead the Wizards to 104-99 again. Gutierrez hit a jumper, the Bucks powerless, they lost 101-105.