Zabaleta nearing comeback hope to play Liverpool

Manchester City defender Pablo Zabaleta during a recent interview that his injury is close to healed, and expect to be able to go away to Liverpool on 21 November. In early October, the Argentine defender pizza with Newcastle suffered a knee injury, he missed the Manchester City nearly seven games of the match. ‘I feel good, the rehabilitation program progressed very smoothly, hoping I could come back after the
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Zabaleta says. ‘The current plan is to join the team on Monday in joint training, looking forward to everything going well, but I was able to play the team’s next game.’ Manchester City are unbeaten in the last nine games, Saba Wright considered sturdy The defense created such achievements. ‘Our defense was really solid, especially in the last few games. This is exactly what the team needed.’ Zabaleta continued. ‘We clearly have a powerful team on offense, be able to complete the break at any time. So to keep solid defense in every game is necessary for the team, solid defense and zero closure opponents is very important thing. Plus we have a lot of very creative player, such a state is that we need to keep down.